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by Stevan Pasero

Granada Studios…a studio that musicians dream of!

After spending over 20,000 hours in studios around the world, I realized that recording music doesn’t have to be a difficult and disheartening process. In fact it should be a fulfilling experience… one that musicians dream of. When Digeann and I envisioned Granada Studios in 1997, we saw a place that would inspire both professional and amateur musicians. It was a simple recipe. First, start with an environment that’s comfortable and uncluttered; then add soulful aesthetics featuring Mediterranean, feng-shui accents. Second, mix in the ultimate digital recording system – one that allows artists to record @ 24 bit and then edit their music any way they like, as fast as they like. Third, build the facility minutes from San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, and just seconds from the Half Moon Bay and El Granada beaches. Fourth, offer the best studio talent, arrangers, producers and engineers in Northern California, as well as the most competitive prices anywhere in the United States, and you have Granada Studios – a studio that musicians dream of!

So after two years of design and another two years of construction, Granada Studios is now available to the public. Launched on January 10, 2001, the studio has opened its doors to a variety of musicians, labels and production houses with unparalleled success and industry applause. One of our most recent clients stated that "this studio is twice the quality and half the price of facilities I’ve been using for years...thank you Granada!"

Unfortunately, many studios are rundown, older facilities with questionable ambience, as well as providing antiquated technology - neither of which is conducive to 21st century artists. Regardless of your skill level, it’s important that project requirements are satisfied on a case by case basis. Some professionals want a facility where they can record in ‘blocks of time’ with a fast engineer - undisturbed and highly inspired. Other artists may prefer ‘constructive assistance’ from an arranger, producer, orchestrator or composer - helping shape their music ideas into high-fidelity results. The team at Granada Studios understands these individual variances and is prepared to professionally deliver your music to the 21st century. It doesn’t have to be difficult – especially at Granada Studios… a studio that musicians dream of.

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After recording hundreds of CDs and booking over 20,000 hours of studio time, the Granada Studios team is ready for your project.