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Granada Studios strives to maintian state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to help clients achieve their goals. Below is a partial list of the current equipment available, or choose from the links below to learn more:

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Recording/Playback Systems  
Pro Tools HD 3 System Digidesign
Digidesign 192 I/O (2) Digidesign
Pro Tools 24-bit MIXplus Digidesign
Plug-ins Digidesign
Filters Digidesign
888 - 24 Digidesign
Monitors Genelec
Monitors: HD1 Meyer Sound
U -87 (2) Neumann
U-67 Neumann
C-800 Sony
460 (2), 451 (2), D112, Perception 200 (2) AKG
D1, D2, D4, ADX50 Audix
Beta 56, SM57, PE588 Shure
TC40K Earthworks
Sputnik M-Audio
Dragonfly, Baby Bottle, Cactus, Kiwi, Mouse Blue

ISA 110 Mic Pre (6) Focusrite
ISA 215 Mic Pre Focusrite
ISA 430 Mic Pre (2) Focusrite
AD 2055 Equalizer Avalon Design
Mic Pre Avalon Design
Dual Mono Mic-pre & Equalizer Focusrite
TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay & Effects Processor TC Electronic
Pre amp, MP 1A Tube Tech
DCL200 Dual Compressor Limiter Summit Audio
EL 8 Distressor (2) Empirical Labs
Studio 5 LX Opcode Systems Inc.
USD Sync Digidesign
1202 VLZ Mic/Line Mixer Mackie
SV 3800- DAT Recorder Panasonic
CD Player 401 MK II Tascam
CD-RW Mediaform Burner Plextor
CD Power Printer Trace Digital
Dual Cassette Deck Technics
Computer Hardware  
Cinema Display (22") Monitor Apple
G4 Computer Apple
G3 Computer Apple
SyncMaster 17" LCD Monitor Samsung
Acoustic Curtains Tru Roll
BAD Panel Diffusorbors, Skyline Diffusors RPG
Full Round Acoustic Tubes ASC
703 Absorbers Custom
Skyline Diffusers RPG
Studio Foam Auralex
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Granada Studios offers the ultimate in 24 bit digital recording and vintage gear to make your project the best it can be.