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Granada Studios…designed for musicians of the 21st century!

ISO-Room BAfter 2 years of meticulous design and construction, our facility guarantees the highest quality audio possible. Once a project starts, musicians immediately recognize the attention to detail and the standard set for unsurpassed audio.

What differentiates Granada Studios from other recording facilities are: 1) the design of Iso-room A (a state-of-the-art room designed for optimum recording); 2) premium hardware and software; 3) sound reinforcement additions by renown acoustician Bob Hodas; 4) and the comfortable environment designed by Stevan and Digeann Pasero.

Control RoomTotal space is 1000 sq. ft. with Iso-A @ 500 sq. ft., Iso-B @ 160 sq. ft., Iso-C @ 30 sq. ft., and the control room / lounge area @ approximately 300 sq. ft.

Iso-room A was built with double wall construction, vibration channels on each stud, numerous sound reinforcement techniques, a suspended foundation, a floating hardwood floor, 10 ft. ceiling, diffusors, recessed lighting, six wall circumference, industrial acoustic glass doors, and theatre curtains to specifically dampen walls.

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Granada Studios was designed for optimum recording, fast editing and comfortable, inspiring ambience-all at reasonable rates.