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To ensure that you have the maximum flexibility and control over your project, Granada Studios maintains an extensive library of plug-ins for the Digidesign system. Below is a list of the current plug-ins available.

audio suite plug-ins  
Mic Mod Speed
Duy Vinyl.AS
Focusrite d3 VocALign
Rtas plug-ins  
ChannelStrip Maxim
Auto-Tune Mic Mod
Bombfactory MicMod RTAS
Bruno RTAS MoogerFooger™
ChannelStrip Ray Gun™
ClassicCompressors™ RealVerb™
CompBank SansAmp™
DaD Valve Voce™
DUY Shape Waves
GRM Tools Z-Room
MAX Duy  
Tdm plug-ins  
AmpFarm RealVerb™
Antares redvalve
Aphex Aural Exciter Reso
Auto-Tune Sci-Fi
Big Bottom Pro Short Delay
Bruno Slap Delay
Compressor Medium Delay
D-Verb Long Delay
DeEsser Procrastinator
Dither Recti-Fi
Dolby Signal Generator
DPP SigmaOne NFR
Drawmer SmartPan Pro
DUY Shape SpectraFoo
1-Band EQ II TC MasterX
4-Band EQ II TC-Native CL
Expander (Gate) TC_MegaReverb
FilterBank (E2,E4, E6, F1, P2,P4,P6,B1) TC_Tools
Focusrite d3™ Time Adjuster
Hum Removal toolbelt_4ProTools
Hyperprism Trim
I.Q.[K](TDM) Tune
LexiVerb VariFi
Limiter Virus
Lo-Fi Vocode
Loop Holder VST Wrapper
Maxim Yamaha MP4 Encoder
moogerfooger™ TC_REVERB™
PAA ÚRecti-Fi
PlateRunner ÚSci-Fi 1.0
PT5.0 DAE PowerMix™  
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Granada Studios offers the ultimate in 24 bit digital recording and vintage gear to make your project the best it can be.